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What Does Utkata Mean?

Utkata is a Sanskrit word meaning “fierce,” “proud,” “immense,” “difficult,” “wild” or “frightening.” It is well-known in yoga as the root word for two important yoga asanas: utkatasana and utkata konasana. As a word and a concept, utkata reminds yogis of the need to build strength, determination and discipline through yoga asanas.

Additional asans with utkata in their name include: parivrtta utkatasana, utthita utkata parsvakonasana, parivrtta utkata konasana and utthita parivrtta utkatasana.


Yogapedia Explains Utkata

Utkatasana is known in English as chair pose, but it is a challenging standing posture that builds strength in the lower body. Utkata konasana is a wide-legged squat where the arms are raised to shoulder height. The fierce meaning of utakata in this context refers to the power and fiery strength it builds, and the fierce angle between the legs and the ground.

Fierce postures such as utkatasana and utkata konasana cultivate both physical and mental power. They create heat in the body and encourage stability and grounding. As well as helping to strengthen the muscles, these fierce standing postures can help the yogi find the inner power to overcome obstacles.

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