Half Upright Seated Angle Pose

Last Updated: October 5, 2017

Definition - What does Half Upright Seated Angle Pose mean?

Half upright seated angle pose is a seated yoga posture that is an easier variation of upright seated angle pose.

To enter the pose, begin in bound angle pose with the fingers wrapped around the big toes. One foot is then lifted and the leg extended to the side, with the knee straightened. The heel extends away from the body, and the aim is to keep the torso central and upright with the shoulders drawn down and the chest open.

The Sanskrit name for this pose is ardha urdhva upavistha konasana.

Half Upright Seated Angle Pose

Yogapedia explains Half Upright Seated Angle Pose

Half upright seated angle pose is beneficial for opening the hips while beginning to build core strength and stability for upright seated angle pose. It is also a good stretch for the groin, inner thighs and hamstrings. As with other seated postures, it helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the core and back.

In a sequence, half upright seated angle pose may be practiced after bound angle and head-to-knee pose. The sequence may then progress into upright seated angle or one leg boat pose.

To modify this posture, the yogi may use a yoga strap around the lifted foot or may bend the knee.

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