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What Does Prabhu Mean?

Prabhu is a Sanskirt term most commonly translated as “master” or “prince.” It can also be translated to mean “omnipresent,” “creator of the universe,” or to refer to male devotees of the Hindu gods, Krishna or Vishnu.

While the word, prabhu, itself doesn’t often appear in yoga, there are many yoga poses that are named after prabhus, such as Anantasana (sleeping Vishnu pose) and Virabhadrasana (warrior pose).


Yogapedia Explains Prabhu

Prabhu can be used as a means of addressing someone, such as it is used in some parts of Asia as a royal title. It can even be a boy’s name, especially in families that practice Hinduism.

In terms of yoga, an understanding of the concept of prabhu is perhaps most useful in allowing the practitioner to contemplate the majesty and mystery of the universe – with prabhu at the heart of it – while enjoying meditative poses. When practicing poses that are named after a prabhu, the individual can focus on that figure and use their characteristics as inspiration for the rest of their practice.

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