Gandharva Veda

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Gandharva Veda Mean?

Gandharva veda is one of the four main upavedas, which are derived from the four Vedas –Rig Veda,” “Yajur Veda,” “Sama Veda” and “Atharva Veda.” From Sanskrit, gandharva means “skilled singer” or “master of music”; and veda means “knowledge” or “wisdom.”

Upavedas, meaning “applied knowledge,” are specific applications of Vedic teachings. Gandharva veda is a Vedic science on the influence of sound and music in all, including the body and soul of the yogi. Ayurveda, which is one of the upavedas, uses gandharva veda to promote physical and mental health.


Yogapedia Explains Gandharva Veda

Gandharva veda, the upaveda of the “Sama Veda,” is the study of all art forms including music, dance and poetry. This Vedic text contains information about the laws and ways to practice music as well as how music works as a therapy to heal the body and soul. Gandharva veda uses the music of nature to restore balance of body and mind.

Gandharva veda also offers a detailed account on the the association of music with various aspects of creation and the positive impact of music on the body and mind. It also gives insight on the association of different sounds and rhythms with different species on Earth.

Gandharva veda is effectively used in meditation as it helps the yogi transcend to the innermost level of the mind.

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