Yajur Veda

Last Updated: May 6, 2018

Definition - What does Yajur Veda mean?

"Yajur Veda" is an ancient Hindu scripture devoted to the worship of the gods. It describes the way in which religious rituals and sacred ceremonies should be performed. The name comes from Sanskrit word, yajus, meaning "worship" or "sacrifice," and veda, meaning "knowledge."

Together with the "Sama Veda," "Atharva Veda" and "Rig Veda," it is one of the four Hindu Vedas and the main Vedic text for Indian priests.

Yogapedia explains Yajur Veda

The "Yajur Veda" is divided into two parts - the white "Yajur Veda" (shukla) and the black "Yajur Veda" (krsna). The white "Yajur Veda" deals with prayers and specific instructions for devotional sacrifices. The black "Yajur Veda" deals with instructions for sacrificial rituals.

"Yajur Veda" is the third of the four Vedas based mostly on the "Rig Veda." The scripture describes the technical mechanics of sacred rituals and ceremonies. Parts of the text are devoted to ritual instruments and offerings that symbolize certain aspects of Brahman (God). It also contains the principles of pranayama and asana practice. Yoga teachings found in the "Yajur Veda" and in the Vedic scriptures in general are referred to as Vedic yoga.

There are several translations of parts of the "Yajur Veda" which include books of formulas, explanations of prose mantras and insights into the sacrificial rites.

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