Last Updated: December 8, 2016

Definition - What does Jivanmukta mean?

Jivanmukta indicates a liberated being: someone who has gained and assimilated true Self-knowledge, or a sage who is liberated while still living. The state that creates a jivanmukta is referred to as jivanmukti (Self-realization), which is the aim of yoga and other Hindu spiritual practices.

The term is derived from the Sanskrit jiva, meaning "life," and mukti, meaning "freedom." Some Hindu texts contrast jivanmukti with videha mukti, which denotes liberation after death.

Yogapedia explains Jivanmukta

A jivanmukta has reached perfection in four different ways: absolute freedom from egoism, doubt, fear and grief.

A jivanmukta is also considered a full-fledged yogi. He/she does not care for the wants of the body. He/she is not afraid of death, nor does he/she have a longing to live. For him/her, prayers do not exist, nor mantras, submission or devotion. Nothing exists for a jivanmukta other than the total knowledge of the true Self.

Yoga is a known technique for acquiring the qualities necessary to become a jivanmukta and the state of jivanmukti is the ultimate goal of yoga.

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