Definition - What does Jivanmukti mean?

Jivanmukti, according to Hindu philosophy, is the state of being spiritually liberated while still alive. The Sanskrit term is derived from the root words, jiva, meaning "life," and mukti, meaning "freedom." Jivanmukti is a state in which one possesses limitless knowledge, free from suffering, and enjoys eternal bliss.

The Upanishads link jivanmukti to karma as attaining jivanmukti depends on the karma of Self. The concept of jivanmukti was synthesized by the 14th century sage, Swami Vidyaranya.

Yogapedia explains Jivanmukti

Jivanmukti transforms the individual, molds his/her character so that he/she is liberated while still alive. Being free from desiring pleasures of this world and heaven is a supreme level of detachment.

By eliminating latent tendencies and having control over one's senses, jivanmukti can be attained. The following are attributes of those who have attained this status:

  • Does no harm to others
  • Speaks only the truth
  • Remains calm and replies with warmth when verbally assaulted
  • Is full of warmth and compassion for others
  • Remains humble yet firm
  • Values Self-realization only
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