Third Eye

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Third Eye Mean?

The third eye, the site of the psychic chakra, is a mystical concept that centers on the invisible eye that elevates one's level of perception. A part of the subtle body, the third eye symbolizes higher consciousness. Opening the third eye promotes perception and supports spiritual insight.

Meditating and performing certain yoga poses help to open the third eye. Such poses include standing forward bend, eagle pose, downward-facing dog pose, child's pose and fish pose.


Yogapedia Explains Third Eye

Opening the third eye improves perception, elevates one's level of consciousness, leads to spiritual progress, increases intuition, promotes the sixth sense, increases self-awareness and promotes intuitive wisdom.

While the third eye is believed to be at the forehead center or between the eyebrows, according to Hindu philosophy, several other faiths believe the third eye to be associated with the pineal gland.

Trataka, a meditation technique, is effective in stimulating the third eye. To perform trataka, begin in lotus pose. With the eyes closed, inhale and exhale deeply three times. Focus on the center of the forehead and draw the eyes toward the center, keeping the eyes closed. Stay focused for 15 minutes before returning to a normal state.

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Inner Eye

Pineal Eye

Parietal Eye

Spiritual Eye

Christ Center

Christ Consciousness Center

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