Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Intuition Mean?

Intuition is the ability to have knowledge or insight without the use of reason, evidence or justification; it is often thought of as insight that is “received” by an individual outside of his/her own intelligence.

In many philosophies, including yoga, intuition is thought to be developed over time through meditation and spiritual disciplines. It is also believed to be accessed through the third eye chakra.


Yogapedia Explains Intuition

In yoga, intuition could be thought of as receiving knowledge from outside of the self’s ability to reason and process information through intellect, such as receiving a gift of true thought or knowledge from the soul or heart. Intuition is experienced as knowledge that arrives to an individual via insight and not through the process of thought, perception, or analysis of facts. It is sometimes thought of as a special occurrence or knowledge that arrives to someone instantly, like a "sense" or "instinct" about something.

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