Insight Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Insight Yoga Mean?

Insight Yoga is a style of yoga designed by Sarah and Ty Powers that combines elements of different principles and philosophies of Buddhism, yoga and psychology. The foundation of Insight Yoga is to combine both active and passive yoga postures with breath work, meditation, mindfulness and self analysis to attain peace, tranquility and harmony with the self and the universe. The core teachings are based on developing the physical and subtle body, the mind, the heart and on understanding relationships.


Yogapedia Explains Insight Yoga

Sarah Powers began teaching yoga in 1987; soon after making connections between the practice of yoga, the insights of Transpersonal Psychology and Buddhism. Along with Ty Powers, she developed an alignment based on Yin and Yang-style practice to enhance pranic energy and all the physical systems in the body.

Insight Yoga enlivens the yogi in body and spirit while teaching them to accept and control their psychological reactivity in order to realize their true nature and self. The principles of Insight Yoga, while based on centuries-old wisdom, are unique practices developed by Powers over her years of personal practice, and teaching yoga and meditation. The practice of Insight Yoga develops a healthy body for the yogi, as well as a clearer mind through the practice of meditation. In 2008, Sarah Powers published a book, titled "Insight Yoga," about the fundamentals of the practice.

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