How do I see through my third eye?

By Sheila Miller | Published: May 21, 2018

The third eye, or spiritual eye, is a chakra, or energy center. Ajna chakra is part of your energetic body in the way that an elbow or a spleen is a part of the physical body. It is generally in the region of the forehead and back a couple of inches.

Knowing the physical location of the chakras doesn’t usually help us to access them, however. The spiritual sight of the third eye is not (usually) visual. Instead, when the third eye chakra is open, the yogi has access to knowledge, guidance and an understanding of his/her own role in the grand scheme of things.

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Occasions when you’ve felt a particularly strong intuition are instances of seeing through your third eye. You might have felt certain that a situation that looked safe was actually dangerous to you; or you might have known that a risky choice that other people thought was crazy was the right one. Spiritual sight is not limited to intuition, but that is how most people first experience it.

The first step to accessing your third eye wisdom is to find a qualified teacher. Your teacher will help you learn to settle and focus your mind, usually though two types of meditation practices. One group of meditative practices teaches us to relax our minds and refrain from generating thought patterns. Another group of meditative practices teaches us to focus our attention.

As you gain mastery over your mind, you will spontaneously notice sensations that correspond to the flow of prana, or life force, energy in the energetic body. Your teacher will help you understand them.

Once you can sense the flow of energy, you can learn to direct it through specific meditative practices designed to, among other things, cleanse and purify the nadis (the channels through which energy flows in our bodies). You might think of this as the energetic version of brushing your teeth. Once prana is flowing freely in your system, you will be able to notice your spiritual sight more easily.

I don’t recommend finding chakra meditations online and trying them out without a teacher. You wouldn’t go to a pharmacy and prescribe yourself medication. Meditation, especially meditation designed to move energy, is strong medicine. Your needs are different from everyone else’s. Practice with an experienced teacher.

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Written by Sheila Miller

Sheila Miller

Sheila Miller, Ph.D., ERYT-500 is a Senior Teacher of ISHTA Yoga and has been a student of yoga and Buddhism for more than 20 years. Her specializations include teaching meditation, asana and yoga nidra for healing, self-knowledge and lasting personal transformation. She researches the effects of meditation and yoga practice on learning, communities, health and the healing of trauma. She also teaches public and private classes, workshops and retreats around the world.

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