Definition - What does Prayer mean?

Prayer is an activity that is embraced by, and originates from, many cultures. Universally, this term refers to supplication made from a person to either a god or other object of worship.

Prayer fosters a sense of spiritual communion with the object of worship and, in the practice of yoga, is an avenue for reverent awareness and divine contemplation.

Yogapedia explains Prayer

In the tradition of yoga, prayer involves “practicing the presence.” It is a state of reverent meditation that supplants the individual ego and fosters a “oneness” with the divine consciousness.

The idea that God - or the Divine known by any other name - exists is prevalent in nearly all cultures and is acknowledged by the act of prayer. In this way, prayer, whether it be through meditation or contemplative breath, is fundamental to the ultimate goal of yoga. The yoga practitioner works towards a specific awareness, an awakening to the realization that there is holiness in everything. Prayer is an avenue to this awareness and, whatever one’s religious beliefs, facilitates communion with the source of enlightenment.

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