What is the importance of prana?


What is the importance of prana?


In yoga, we believe that our bodies are made up of nadis, energetic pathways through which energy moves and flows. The energy that flows through these pathways is known as prana. (Read more in Kriyas, Kundalini and You.)

In our yoga asana practice, as we flow our bodies in and through our vinyasa, we are actually harnessing this life force energy. This powerful energy has the capacity to heal and support us on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. The concept of prana continues to come to the forefront of both Eastern and Western medicine. What used to be an incredibly esoteric and abstract concept is now being proven to be very real. Studies are showing that the energy systems of yoga and Chinese medicine truly exist within the human body.

Yogis have understood this phenomenon for thousands of years. It’s important for us Westerners to wrap our heads around the concept, especially if we want to evolve as beings or yogis and yoga teachers. Prana is one of the most important aspects of yoga, because both the practice of yoga and pranayama, fortify our life force energy. And don’t we all want to do that? (Learn more in The Practice of Pranayama.)

Having prana that flows freely and without blockages helps us live healthier and longer lives. We feel more vital. We’re able to be more productive. We’re also less likely to get sick or fall ill to the many degenerative diseases that plague modern society. Life becomes less complicated.

So, next time you practice yoga, add some pranayama practices to your daily sadhana to improve the flow of your life force energy; and next time you move through yoga asana, be conscientious of the fact that you are moving this energy throughout your body in amazing ways. (Read How to Create Your Own Unique Sadhana.)

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