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Sharleen Oborowsky is an entrepreneur, free spirit, yogi, and mother of three, anchored in her joie de vivre. Sharleen co-founded Yogapedia in the summer of 2015 and is presently CEO. Yogapedia for her is more about her sadhana (practice) than a business which inspires the writing. Sharleen starts her day doing puja and meditates throughout the day. A lover of yoga, a lover of her gurus and a lover of India, she hopes to play a significant role in this yoga revolution. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s busy working on the business as well as raising her children.

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Q&A by Sharleen Oborowsky

  • What does your practice (sadhana) look like if you’re busy?

    For those of us who are householders – as opposed to yogis meditating in caves all day and night – the time for sadhana (daily spiritual practice) can look like a lot of different things. If you’re busy running a business,...

  • Who are your favorite spiritual mentors?

    These days, as humanity continues to evolve, more and more spiritual leaders are coming to the forefront. We’re living in an exciting time, where the internet allows us to learn from wisdom holders and mentors across the...

  • Where are the answers to our spiritual questions?

    The answer is simple. All answers exist within. But not just any “within.” They exist deep within where your higher Self resides. Your higher self is free of the needs and demands of the ego. (Read more in You Are a...

  • What is the importance of prana?

    In yoga, we believe that our bodies are made up of nadis, energetic pathways through which energy moves and flows. The energy that flows through these pathways is known as prana. (Read more in Kriyas, Kundalini and You.) In...

  • What destroys equanimity?

    One of the primary aims of yoga is to cultivate and sustain an internal state of balance, poise and equanimity. We do this through the many practices and techniques given to us by the yoga tradition. To maintain our inner...

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