Sufi Grinds

Definition - What does Sufi Grinds mean?

Sufi grinds are a seated yoga exercise known for their wide-ranging therapeutic benefits. The name is inspired by a peaceful and mystical sect of Islam.

For this asana exercise, the yogi starts in sukhasana, or easy seated pose. The torso then moves in circles around the mid-line, inhaling as the body moves forward and exhaling backward. Generally, they are practiced in a clockwise direction first then counterclockwise, for up to three minutes each side.

Sufi grinds are particularly popular in kundalini styles of yoga.

Yogapedia explains Sufi Grinds

In addition to improving mobility in the hips and spine, Sufi grinds can be used to re-energize the body and mind. They can also have a meditative effect for the yogi practicing them. This can help to bring focus and awareness into the body, cultivating a sense of stillness.

Traditionally, Sufi grinds are said to be beneficial in activating and balancing the lower chakras of the body. As such, they are associated with improving digestion and treating conditions that affect the reproductive organs, such as endometriosis. They are also said to positively influence the adrenal glands, which help with managing the yogi’s stress response.

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