Om Hreem

Definition - What does Om Hreem mean?

Om hreem is a mantra that is a combination of two bija mantras that are chanted silently or aloud in yoga practice and meditation. Bija mantras are valued for their beneficial vibrations, rather than any specific meaning. Those vibrations are thought to still the mind and help the yogi focus on a single purpose or thought.

Yogapedia explains Om Hreem

When we think of mantras, om is often the first to come to mind. It is the most important and popular of the bija mantras. It is known as the sound representing Brahman, which is the cosmic or primordial vibration. Hreem is one of the great goddess mantras, representing the healing power and creativity of the goddess. Hreem is also the mantra of higher consciousness; therefore, it may be considered as important as om.

The combination of these two bija mantras creates potent sound vibrations that are used alone or as part of longer mantras for a range of benefits. The simple, Om hreem namaha is chanted for its power to open the mind to higher consciousness. Another is Om hreem namaha shivaya, which unites the divine feminine (hreem) and the divine masculine (shivaya). The result is a powerful mantra that may be chanted to strengthen marriages.

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