Vyaghrah Pranayama

Definition - What does Vyaghrah Pranayama mean?

Vyaghrah pranayama is a breathing technique that is performed in cat-cow pose. Derived from Sanskrit, vyaghrah means "tiger" and pranayama means "breathing technique."

To perform vyaghrah pranayama, begin in table pose. Inhale to the count of six while lowering the abdomen toward the floor and raising the head and neck upward, as in cow pose. Then exhale to the count of six while lowering the head, drawing the chin toward the chest and lifting the back up into a high arch. This is one round. After six rounds, relax in vajrasana (hero pose).

Vyaghrah pranayama is also known as tiger breath in English.

Yogapedia explains Vyaghrah Pranayama

Vyaghrah pranayama is one of the most powerful breathing techniques that increases lung capacity. Performed on a regular basis, this pranayama improves overall lung health and optimizes the other health benefits of yoga.

Additional benefits of vyaghrah pranayama include:

  • Promotes breathing in all the lobes of the lungs
  • Tones back muscles and the vertebrae
  • Releases stress in the spine
  • Increases spinal flexibility
  • Improves elasticity of the body
  • Relieves physical and mental stress
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