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What Does Vyaghrasana Mean?

Vyaghrasana is a simple and effective pose that stimulates the spinal nerves. The name is derived from the Sanskrit vyaghra, meaning “tiger,” and asana, meaning “pose.”

To enter the pose, begin in a table top position with the palms aligned with the shoulders and the knees aligned with the hips. Inhale, lifting the head, and push the belly downward. Lift the right leg off of the floor and up to bring the right foot toward the head. Remain in the pose for a few seconds. Exhale, dropping the chin downward, and bring the right leg between the legs and toward the forehead. Hold the pose for a few seconds before returning the right leg to the starting position. Repeat the same series with the other leg.

Vyaghrasana may also be referred to as tiger pose in English.


Yogapedia Explains Vyaghrasana

Vyaghrasana strengthens the neck and shoulders, improves spinal flexibility, promotes digestion, tones the vaginal passage to aid women after childbirth, and improves blood flow.

Mental health benefits of vyaghrasana include improved expression and creativity, and the promotion of confidence and spiritual progression.

Vyaghrasana stimulates the svadisthana and visuddha chakras. The svadisthana promotes creativity and helps lead one to Self-realization. This chakra is also associated with wellness, abundance and pleasure. The visuddha is associated with knowledge and communication. A balanced visuddha chakra promotes the seeking of truth and wisdom.

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