Definition - What does Brahmarishi mean?

Brahmarishi refers to the highest class of human rishis in Hinduism. It is a title given to a rishi who is said to have the realization of Brahma, the creator-god form of Brahman (Absolute Reality).

Although who may be a Brahmarishi varies by the specific Hindu tradition, the sages credited with writing the hymns in the "Rig Veda" are typically included in this class. In some traditions, the title is given to a rishi who serves in the role of a Brahmin (priest). Others reserve the title solely for the Saptarishis, or the Seven Rishis, who are the perfect Brahmarishis created from Brahma's mind.

Yogapedia explains Brahmarishi

Brahmarishis are said to have Brahmajnana, or the knowledge of Brahman, and have obtained enlightenment. They obtain this state of union with Brahman through various yogic practices, particularly deep meditation. The Brahmarishi may live a life of seclusion in which they seek the principles of life by reaching deep into the consciousness to the level of unity with the universe.

These fully enlightened humans could move on to higher worlds, but choose to remain on Earth in service. Examples of Brahmarishis include Vishvamitra, one of the ancient rishis who is credited with writing most of "Mandala 3" in the "Rig Veda," including the "Gayatri Mantra"; Yajnavalkya, a philosopher of Vedic India and a major figure in the Upanishads; Babaji, the 18th century Kriya yoga master; and Bengali Babb, the 20th century sage known for his ability to transfer his consciousness from his body to another.

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