Last Updated: February 5, 2018

Definition - What does Rishi mean?

Rishi is a Sanskrit word that refers to a seer or sage who has discovered eternal truths and deep levels of spiritual knowledge through periods of intense meditation. The term may also be translated in English to mean “to go,” “to move" or “to flow.”

In yoga, there is a pose called rishi's pose. In this posture, the practitioner stands with the feet spread wide, then bends and twists the torso so that one arm reaches toward the opposite ankle while the free arm stretches upward.

Yogapedia explains Rishi

Historically, the Vedic tradition uses the term, rishi, for someone who is inspired by the knowledge they gain to write poems or hymns. In modern times, it could be used to describe someone who has reached a high degree of spiritual awakening.

For yoga practitioners, the tradition of the rishi can be an inspiration to reach a new level of consciousness through meditation. It can be viewed as a way of awakening the inner Self and being able to see the real meaning of everything on a cosmic level.

Performing rishi's pose can help stretch the practitioner's back and hamstrings, while opening the body and mind to the sort of awakening and inspiration that defines a rishi.

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