Matsya Kridasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Matsya Kridasana Mean?

Matsya kridasana is a restful and restorative yoga asana which is known to promote relaxation.

To enter the pose, begin lying face down on a yoga mat. Bend one knee and bring it up to the side making a 90-degree angle. Turn the head to the same side, placing the hands under the face. After several minutes, switch and repeat on the opposite side. This asana may be used as part of a Restorative yoga sequence or a restful asana in a more dynamic practice.

Matsya kridasana is called flapping fish pose in English because the shape of the body in this posture will resemble that of a flapping fish.

Matsya Kridasana


Yogapedia Explains Matsya Kridasana

This asana can be practiced with the eyes closed to maximize the restorative benefits. It is sometimes recommended for women during pregnancy because of the quiet ease it cultivates.

Benefits of matsya kridasana include:

  • Releases tension in the whole body and mind
  • Relaxes legs, perineum and low back
  • Prepares for savasana
  • Promotes sleep
  • Restorative for the entire body

Physically, the focus of matsya kridasana should be on the relaxation of the body and calm, easy breathing. Energetically, the focus can be taken to the manipura (solar plexus) chakra.

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