Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sattvic Mean?

Sattvic is an adjective used to describe something or someone that has sattva, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "light," "goodness" and/or "purity." The quality of sattva is said to be life-giving to the body, mind and spirit.

In the practice of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, individuals may increase their purity within by following a sattvic diet and healthy spiritual practices such as meditation, pranayama, asana practice and the study of sacred scriptures.


Yogapedia Explains Sattvic

For something (such as food) to be considered sattvic, it should not increase disease and must be pure and natural. Many people cultivate sattva through practicing a sattvic diet, which includes foods that are considered most pure and life-giving to the body. An individual can also be considered sattvic and is characterized by striving to deepen, strengthen and mature the soul.

Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues/attributes) in Hindu Samkhya philosophy. In Ayurveda and spiritual yoga practice, individuals seek to invite and maintain balance of the self, mind and body through the three gunas. Those who cultivate sattva seek to nourish the body with pure substances through a sattvic diet and engage in purifying practices.

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