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What Does Ambika Mean?

Ambika is another name used for the Hindu goddesses, Durga and Parvati. She embodies love, divine strength, devotion, power and creation. Ambika has eight arms and is often depicted as protective and warrior-like, with multiple weapons in hand while riding on a lion or tiger.

In Sanskrit, Ambika means “mother” or “compassionate.”


Yogapedia Explains Ambika

Ambika is the name often used to refer to Mother Goddess Durga when she is seated on or with a lion or tiger. In Hindu belief, Ambika is also an alternate name for Parvati; she connects all beings and is instrumental in their spiritual release, and is considered a primitive source of energy.

In the Hindu mythological epic, “Mahabharata,” Ambika was taken by force by Bhishma from her loving father and then presented to Vichitravirya for marriage. In the state of Rajasthan, India, there is a Hindu temple called Ambika Mata Mandir devoted to Ambika. Although not a well-known temple, the site has well-preserved sculptures, inscriptions and images of Hindu female deities.

The mantra of Ambika is Om Ambikayai Namah, and can be chanted during meditation to evoke her primal energy and compassionate nature.

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