Sri Ram

Definition - What does Sri Ram mean?

Sri Ram is the name of the central male character in the Hindu epic poem, the "Ramayana," and is an incarnation of Vishnu. The name comes from the Sanskrit sri, which is a title of respect similar to “lord,” and rama, meaning “charming.”

Sri Ram is one of the most worshipped of all the Hindu gods, and in some sects, is considered the supreme god, rather than just an avatar. He is also known as Ram, Rama, Sri Rama, Lord Rama and Ramachandra, among others. Sri Ram’s name is a form of greeting among friends, either singularly (“Ram!”) or with his consort, Sita (“Sita Ram!”).

Yogapedia explains Sri Ram

Three Ramas are cited in Indian traditions - Balarama, Parashurama and Ramachandra - but it is this latter name that is associated with Sri Ram, or the seventh avatar of Vishnu. The stated purpose of this avatar was to show humans the righteous path in life. Sri Ram is known as the perfect man, representing courage, moral righteousness, kindness and chivalry.

In yogic meditation, the yogi can invoke the qualities of this divine couple by chanting the Sita Ram mantra. Sri Ram symbolizes the inner fervor in the manipura (solar plexus) chakra that purifies the body and spirit, while Sita symbolizes the energy of the muladhara (root) chakra that provides grounding and calms the mind. Both sides of the brain are believed to be balanced through the practice of reciting the Sita Ram mantra.

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