Ghrita Neti

Definition - What does Ghrita Neti mean?

Ghrita neti is a yogic cleansing practice used to clear the nasal passageways. It is recommended in the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" as well as other sacred yogic texts. It is considered important because it allows for easier breathing, which helps with pranayama and steady breathing during asana practice.

Ghrita neti is similar to jala neti in which a neti pot is used to cleanse the nasal passageways with warm saline solution, except that warm ghee is used instead. It can be practiced in the same way as jala neti, using a neti pot, or a few drops of warm ghee can simply be sniffed into each nostril at a time to coat and line the nasal passageways. It is possible to use warm oil instead of ghee, but this must be unconcentrated and not contain any added chemicals.

Ghrita neti may be especially useful after practicing jala neti and sutra neti, which may leave the nose feeling slightly sore or raw.

Yogapedia explains Ghrita Neti

Ghrita neti, like other types of cleansing rituals, is ideally practiced on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning after cleaning the teeth. It may be practiced on its own or after jala and sutra neti.

Yogis believe ghrita neti is additionally beneficial for:

  • Removing dirt, bacteria and trapped mucus
  • Soothing the eyes by helping keep the tear ducts functioning well
  • Relieving facial tension and restoring youthful vitality
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Increasing resilience to disease

An alternative to ghrita neti is dugdha neti, which uses warm milk instead of ghee to cleanse the nasal passageways.

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