Jala Neti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Jala Neti Mean?

Jala neti is one of the six purifying techniques, called shatkarma, in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.” The term is Sanskrit and translates literally to “water cleansing.”

Jala neti is an ancient practice performed by yogis to cleanse their nasal passages. It may be commonly referred to as simply neti. Performing jala neti involves using a neti pot filled with room temperature saline water to pour through the nasal passages.


Yogapedia Explains Jala Neti

Neti pots and neti salts are readily available online and in local health food stores. Neti pots are typically made of glazed ceramic, though plastic pots are common as well. Neti salts are specific salts used for jala neti only. Do not use regular kitchen salt to neti!

To perform jala neti at home, begin by bringing filtered water to a boil. Rinse out the inside of the neti pot, then add half a teaspoon of neti salt to the pot. Allow the boiled water to cool to room temperature first, then pour it into the neti pot, stirring the salt and water together. After ensuring the water inside the neti is at room temperature, stand over a sink and insert the nozzle of the neti pot into the right nostril. Open the mouth and, tilting the head to the left, slowly allow the saline water into the right nostril and through the nasal passages. The water will come out through the left nostril and flow into the sink. Once half the saline water is used, repeat with the opposite nostril, tilting the head to the right. Now the water will come out through the right nostril. Perform kapalabhati kriya, a breathing technique, to blow out the remaining water from the nostrils. Remember to rinse the neti pot out with boiled water after each use and allow to air dry.

Practicing neti is especially beneficial for clearing the nasal passages of dust and pollen. Many allergens can be washed away with a neti pot. Flushing the nasal passages on a regular basis can help reduce sinusitis, soothe dry nasal passages and enhance the practice of pranayama and other breathing exercises.

Additional benefits of jala neti include:

  • Clears excess mucus from the nasal passages
  • Expels harmful bacteria in the sinuses
  • Relieves breathing disorders
  • Eliminates excess heat in the head
  • Promotes mental clarity and focus

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Jal Neti


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