Definition - What does Shloka mean?

Shloka is a Sanskrit word referring to a verse, proverb, hymn or poem that uses a specific meter.

It is considered as the classic basis for epic Indian poetry as its use is widespread in traditional Sanskrit poems. Among the famous texts written entirely in shlokas are the "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata."

Yogapedia explains Shloka

Technically, a shloka can be made up of any sort of four-line stanza with up to 26 letters in a single line. It is believed that this type of verse was created by Valmiki, who wrote the "Ramayana." The story states that his inspiration came from seeing a hunter shoot at two birds that were in love, killing one of them.

In terms of yoga practice, it is likely that a yogi who meditates will come across this classical form of verse in the mantras that can help one meditate effectively.

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