Definition - What does Pasha mean?

Pasha is a Sanskrit term that literally translates to "noose" or "rope." In Jyotisha, or Vedic astrology, it refers to one of the seven Samkhya yogas. Pasha yoga is the fifth of the Samkhya yogas.

In the context of Jyotisha, yoga refers to the combination of planetary conditions that define one's personality and path in life. The planetary patterns at the time of one's birth can give great insight into his/her strengths and weaknesses. By studying the effect of these planetary combinations, one can plan for the challenges that arise in life, enhancing their benefits and minimizing negative influences.

Yogapedia explains Pasha

People born under the pasha yoga sign are expected to be skilled and respected. They are also said to be destined to earn a lot of money and have a great appreciation for the joys of living. The down side is that they can suffer greatly from their own errors and flaws. The pasha yoga planetary combination is quite common, known to be the one with the most people born under it's influence.

Some yogis enjoy contemplating and reflecting upon their Vedic astrological chart while practicing yoga asanas. Being aware of the planetary conditions at the time of one's birth can be an invaluable tool to achieving spiritual growth.

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