Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Avadhuta Mean?

Avadhuta is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a person who has reached a stage in their spiritual development in which they are beyond worldly concerns. People who have reached the stage of avadhuta may act without taking into account common social etiquette or their own ego. This term is often used in the cases of mystics or saints.

Advanced yoga practitioners may find inspiration in the idea of reaching this stage through further sustained meditation and asana practice.


Yogapedia Explains Avadhuta

Avadhuta is often associated with some sort of eccentric and spontaneous behavior from a holy person. This comes partly from the fact that mystics who have achieved this level of spiritual enlightenment may forgo the wearing of clothes or other normal social behavior.

The type of person who fits into this category can be classified as one of several types of avadhuta:

  • Brahmavadhuta (born as an avadhuta)
  • Shaivavadhuta (those who have renounced the material life to live as a sannyasa)
  • Viravadhuta (usually puts red paste on the body and wears saffron-colored clothing)
  • Kulavadhuta (shows no outside signs of their spiritual status)

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