The Jesus Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does The Jesus Mantra Mean?

The Jesus mantra is a Sanskrit devotional prayer that honors the Christian messiah. Mantras are commonly used in yoga to focus the mind in meditation and have played a key role in Eastern religions. But with the growing popularity of yoga and meditation in the West, more Christians are using mantras and meditation as a way to get closer to God and discover the divine within.

In Sanskrit — the ancient language associated with Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism — the Jesus mantra is: Om Sri Yesu bhagavate namaha, which roughly translates as “Lord Jesus, I bow to you.”


Yogapedia Explains The Jesus Mantra

Although mantras may be translatable, they are typically more valued for the power and energy of the sound vibrations of their syllables.

In the Jesus mantra, om (sometimes spelled aum) is the primordial sound, or word, of the universe. In the Gospel of John in the Christian Bible, Jesus personifies the Word. The meanings of the rest of the words in the Jesus mantra are:

  • Sri — a term of respect that is often translated as “lord”
  • Yesu (or Yeshu) — the Sanskrit name of Jesus
  • Bhagavate — the Supreme Reality
  • Namaha — a salutation that is often translated as “I bow to you,” “I prostrate to That” or something similar. It can also be translated as “not mine,” “not me” or “it is not about me,” reflecting that we submit to a higher power, or the Higher Self.

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Om Sri Yesu Bhagavate Namaha

Om Shri Yesu Bhagavate Namaha

Om Shree Yesu Bhagavate Namaha

Om Shree Jesus Bhagavate Namaha

Om Sri Yeshu Bhagavate Namaha

Om Sri Yesu Bhagavate Namah

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