Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sri Mean?

Sri is a term of Sanskrit origin, used in India as a polite form of address, like "mister" in English, or as an epithet for the names of Hindu deities. It is also commonly used as a title of respect within the yoga community.

Sri comes from the Sanskrit root word shri, which is feminine and means “goddess of prosperity.” When used to denote the names of Hindu gods, it is translated in English as “holy.” Similarly, it can also be used as a term of respect and admiration for a revered or celebrated person.


Yogapedia Explains Sri

Sri is pronounced somewhere between “shree” and “sree.” Its meaning is rooted in the Vedic concept of prosperity. Because the meaning of Sri is contextual and complex, some believe that it is best left untranslated. For example, some English translations, such as “lord,” have very different and inaccurate connotations.

When Sri is used to denote status, it may be repeated as many as five times. The form for married women is Shrimati. It may also be used as an honorific prefix for the names of objects, such as the Sikh holy book, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

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