Jesus Christ

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Jesus Christ Mean?

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. He is also considered a spiritual teacher and prophet in other major world religions. Jesus was a Hebrew and lived until he was crucified by the Romans in his early thirties, about 30 C.E. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah (the Son of God). They believe he was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God, born to a virgin and then crucified. His resurrection from death atoned for the world’s sins and reconciled humanity to God. During his short life, he was a teacher, prophet and healer.

Some yoga practitioners understand Jesus as a mystic and yogi that taught a universal Truth that aligns with yogic teachings. Within yoga, some yogis seek to connect with Jesus through their practice, considering him divine. Christian yogis may choose to practice yoga and meditation as a way to worship or reflect on Jesus’ teachings.


Yogapedia Explains Jesus Christ

Although not much is recorded about Jesus’ early life or childhood, the story of his life and ministry is recorded in the New Testament of the Bible. This sacred text tells of his birth, his death and resurrection as well as the miracles he performed. Christians believe that Jesus is God incarnate as well as part of the Christian Holy Trinity. He is thought to have lived a holy life without sin and to have brought salvation to humanity. Christians follow his teachings in order to live a moral and spiritual life.

There are many different beliefs throughout the world surrounding Jesus. Muslims consider Jesus as the Messiah and an important prophet, but not the Son of God. Jews do not consider Jesus as the Messiah, believing that his death on the cross was rejection by God. Some Hindus believe Jesus was an incarnation of a deity and imparted similar teachings as those of Krishna. There are also some Buddhist schools of thought that regard Jesus as a bodhisattva (enlightened being). Yogic spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda, holds the interpretation that Jesus Christ taught the universal concept of God-realization and that Jesus contained the omniscient intelligence of God, or Christ-Consciousness, that is available to all yogis.

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