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What Does Bhagavate Mean?

Bhagavate is a Sanskrit term that refers to one who is divine or blessed, and most often is used to describe the supreme deity, which varies depending on the Hindu sect or tradition. While bhagavate is a synonym for "god," it also translates as “glorious,” “venerable,” “fortunate,” “holy” and “illustrious.” Grammatically, bhagavate is the dative case of bhagavat: The words have the same meaning, but the former serves as a direct object.

In Buddhism, bhagavate can refer to a buddha or a bodhisattva, and in Jainism, it may describe a jina (a liberated great teacher).


Yogapedia Explains Bhagavate

Bhagavate can also refer to the Supreme Consciousness and the Divine in any religion. The word can be broken down into syllables that have their own meaning:

  • Bha — one who sustains and nourishes the universe
  • Ga — creator and leader
  • Va — letter of the primordial energy

The word, bhagavate, is most often associated with the great mantra, Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, which translates as: “Om and salutations to the divine One who dwells in all.”

It is also found in the Jesus mantra, Om Sri Yesu Bhagavate namaha, which means, “Lord Jesus I bow to you.”

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