Definition - What does Awakening mean?

The dictionary definition of awakening is “an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.” In the spiritual sense, awakening has different connotations depending on the specific tradition.

In yoga, some schools equate awakening with spiritual enlightenment, while others see it as an awareness of higher consciousness and freedom from attachments. The awakening of kundalini energy within the body is also a key concept in many forms of yoga. This energy is believed to rest at the base of the spine until awakened through yogic practices like meditation and pranayama.

Yogapedia explains Awakening

Through awakening of the kundalini, the yogi sends the energy up the spine through the chakra energy centers, which ultimately leads to spiritual awakening, enlightenment and liberation.

An awakened mind is one that is open to a different reality or awareness. The awakened yogi is aware of the difference between reality and delusion created by the ego and the mind.

In Buddhism, awakening (bodhi) is the understanding of the true nature of life and consciousness and is associated with enlightenment. The awakening may also refer to the path that leads enlightenment.

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