Om Shri Saraswataya Namaha

Definition - What does Om Shri Saraswataya Namaha mean?

Om shri saraswataya namaha is a Sanskrit mantra thought to bring guidance and inspiration in the arts, music and literature. It evokes the power of the Hindu goddess, Saraswati, and reveres her creative intellect.

The mantra is one of many dedicated to Saraswati. Despite its simplicity, chanting the mantra and showing devotion to Saraswati is believed to bring about greater happiness through increased knowledge and intelligence. It is popular with students and the educated, who value Saraswati's connection to knowledge and wisdom.

Yogapedia explains Om Shri Saraswataya Namaha

In Sanskrit, the individual words of the mantra can be translated as:

  • Om — the sacred sound, representing the whole universe
  • Shri — a title of reverence, used before the name of an honored person or being
  • Saraswataya — derived from Saraswati's name
  • Namaha — literally meaning “not me,” which is used to point to a higher power and indicate that the yogi surrenders to something greater than him/herself

As such, the whole mantra honors Goddess Saraswati. She is considered the mother of the Vedas, which are ancient Hindu and yogic scriptures. Hindu students in all fields pray to the Saraswati asking for success in their studies.

Many of the educated people who worship Saraswati for her knowledge and wisdom believe that she alone can bring them moksha or liberation. Chants devoted to Saraswati are often used at the beginning and end of Vedic lessons.

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