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What Does Saraswatyai Mean?

Saraswatyai is the formal name of the Hindu goddess, Saraswati, known as the mother of the Vedas and champion of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. She is part of the divine feminine trinity that includes Lakshmi and Parvati, and she is the consort and counterpart of Brahma, the creator god.

The formal Saraswatyai (meaning “one who is Saraswati") is often employed in Sanskrit mantras, whereby the faithful call upon the goddess to awaken her shakti energy. Yogis chant mantras to relax the mind and focus concentration on one thought – in the case of Saraswati mantras, opening the mind to wisdom.


Yogapedia Explains Saraswatyai

A popular mantra that invokes the wisdom of Saraswati and seeks the removal of obstacles to that wisdom is:

Om shreem hreem Saraswatyai namaha

Direct translations of Sanskrit mantras are not always possible because some syllables are recited for their sound vibrations rather than actual meanings. They do have symbolic meanings, though. The syllables in this mantra are typically translated as:

  • Om – the cosmic sound of the universe, it represent the Divine Reality
  • Shreem – the sound vibration of abundance and prosperity
  • Hreem – the sound vibration of the power of the universe
  • Saraswatyai – the energy that represents Saraswati
  • Namaha – a salutation that represents reverence for the goddess and typically is translated as “I bow”

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