Pose Dedicated to Sage Kasyapa

Definition - What does Pose Dedicated to Sage Kasyapa mean?

Pose dedicated to Sage Kasyapa is a combination of side plank pose and half lotus pose on one leg with a bind, but the fact that the hip is not flexed makes the bind more challenging to achieve.

From a side plank position with one hand down on the ground, the leg closest to the ground comes into a half lotus position with the hip still extended, and the top arm reaches around behind the back to take hold of the big toe or foot.

Pose dedicated to Sage Kasyapa may also be referred to by its Sanskrit name, Kasyapasana.

Pose Dedicated to Sage Kasyapa

Yogapedia explains Pose Dedicated to Sage Kasyapa

Some of the many benefits of this challenging pose include:

  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Strengthens the core, legs and upper body
  • Opens the hips and shoulders
  • Integrates the muscles of the whole body

Pose dedicated to Sage Kasyapa is considered an advanced posture because of the degree of control, strength and mobility needed. It is considered a beneficial one to work towards as it can help to overcome self-imposed limitations. This is because many believe that accomplishing challenging postures boosts confidence.

This posture may be used as a peak posture of whole yoga class and sequence, due to its challenging nature and the need to warm up into it. It should be performed mindfully and without forcing. Side plank variations provide beneficial alternatives to this posture.

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