Side Twist in Hero Pose

Definition - What does Side Twist in Hero Pose mean?

Side twist in hero pose is a basic seated posture that gently improves flexibility.

From hero pose – a simple asana whereby the tops of the feet, ankles and shins press into the mat and the buttocks rest on the heels – the yogi turns to one side while keeping the spine perpendicular to the ground. Typically, the legs touch, but side twist in hero pose can also be practiced with the feet apart and buttocks resting on a blanket placed between the feet.

Side twist in hero pose is also known by its Sanskrit name, parsva virasana.

Side Twist in Hero Pose

Yogapedia explains Side Twist in Hero Pose

Side twist in hero pose, like hero pose itself, fights fatigue, stress and anxiety and promotes calmness. As a twist, it creates space in the spine and energizes the mind and body. It is also has these additional benefits:

  • Stretches the chest, neck, hips and oblique muscles
  • Aligns and stretches the spine
  • Increases flexibility in the legs, particularly the quadriceps and ankles
  • Improves digestion
  • Eases minor backaches

Yogis who suffer from headaches, depression, insomnia, bronchitis or congestion should skip side twist in hero pose.

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