Reclining Hero Pose

Last Updated: February 4, 2018

Definition - What does Reclining Hero Pose mean?

Reclining hero pose, an intermediary yoga posture, is a variation of hero pose.

To enter the pose, begin in hero pose (virasana). Then place the forearms on the floor behind the body. Slowly lean backward and place the back on the floor. Place the arms by the sides of the body, leaving a slight space so the arms are not touching the body.

Reclining hero pose is called supta virasana in Sanskrit. In Ashtanga yoga, it is called paryankasana B or couch pose B.

Yogapedia explains Reclining Hero Pose

While performing reclining hero pose, one may also stretch the hands upward. Alternatively, one may fold the arms behind the head on the floor, holding each elbow with the opposite hand. Initially, props may be used under the back and head to ease into the posture while leaning backward.

Reclining hero pose stretches the thighs, back and abdomen. It improves spine flexibility, supports digestion and relieves digestive disorders. It may also alleviate menstrual discomfort, promote blood flow to the hips, and relieve headaches and asthmatic conditions.

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