Why does Goddess Durga carry weapons?


Why does Goddess Durga carry weapons?


Goddess Durga is the one goddess in the yogic pantheon who's job it is to ward off and fight against all evils, so that good, ethical and moral behavior prevails. With her name meaning "fort" in the ancient Sanskrit language, she carries and uses her weapons to provide us with a safe haven.

Durga's weapons represent the various evils in the world, such as selfishness, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, arrogance and discrimination. The sword she holds helps us destroy our own internal and personal evils, while the conch shell is a representation of right action and the happiness that comes from it. Her bow and arrow cuts through all of our tribulations, giving us the ability to hold onto our morals as we go. The club she holds represents surrender, as in surrendering to love and the Divine. Her trident gives us the courage to fight against all evil, no matter how difficult.

Durga’s power knows no limits, and we can invoke her whenever we need to slay negative forces either in the world, or within ourselves. To invoke her warrior strength, we meditate upon and chant to her, repeating the Durga mantra: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

When we need to access our own inner warrior powers, we look to Goddess Durga and the auspicious weapons she holds. When we do, we find the power to cut through the many forces of evil. We see through the veils of mediocrity and into the truth of all that is moral and good. (Learn more about Invoking Durga Within You.)

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