Durga Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Durga Mantra Mean?

Durga mantra is a Hindu devotional hymn or chant dedicated to the goddess, Durga, a powerful deity who is known as the mother of creation or, simply, the mother goddess. Hindus believe Durga protects them from the evil in the world and removes their sufferings. There is no single Durga mantra, but several that invoke the protection or guidance of this deity.

Durga is a Sanskrit word for “fort,” but it also translates as “one who eliminates sufferings.” Mantra is derived from man, meaning “thought” or “mind,” and tra, meaning “instrument”; therefore, the word may be translated as an “instrument of the mind.”

Mantras are used by yogis in order to focus concentration on one thought and/or still the mind during meditation.


Yogapedia Explains Durga Mantra

Durga mantras are an instrument to focus the mind on the power represented by Durga to strengthen and transform the yogi mentally and physically, providing protection during his/her earthly journey.

One of the simplest of the Durga mantras is “Om Dum Durgayei Namaha,” which requests protection from harm. The translation from the Sanskrit is: “Salutations to the feminine energy that protects from all negative influences.” More specifically, each word in the mantra has significance:

  • Om is a spiritual sound representing the universe, or Brahman, that is the essence of all creation. It is typically recited at the beginning and end of all Hindu prayers and is frequently chanted during yoga practice.
  • Dum is the sound representing the energy of Durga herself.
  • Durgayei is the formal Sanskrit pronunciation of the goddess’ name.
  • Namaha is difficult to translate literally, but its meanings include “it is not mine” and “in your essence, we bow to you.”

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