Ma Durga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ma Durga Mean?

Ma Durga is a mantra in yoga and Hinduism used as in invocation of Durga, the Mother Goddess, of whom there are many incarnations, including Kali and Renu. Ma is a Sanskrit word referring to regeneration and rebirth, which lets yogis experience the joy of connection with the Divine. To chant the mantra is to honor Durga and all that she represents.

The Ma Durga mantra may also form part of a more complex mantra and is often prefixed by the word, hey.


Yogapedia Explains Ma Durga

It is said that including Durga’s name in the mantra has the potential to define everything because it is a manifestation of shakti, or divine female energy. It is, therefore, the life force for the creation of the universe and everything in it. This significance is captured within the mantra.

Mantras to Durga are said to have a wide range of uses, including to improve academic success, remove obstacles and protect the yogi from bad dreams. All of these help the yogi to accept the blessings of Durga in their lives.

Although the mantra is considered very powerful on its own, some teachings suggest that it can be made more effective if chanted as part of a whole Durga puja. For this, the goddess may be worshiped ceremoniously using flowers, roli (colored powder), rice and/or an image of the deity on a platform.

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