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What Does Tarasana Mean?

Tarasana is one of a couple of simple yoga postures that resemble a star shape. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, tar, which translates as “protection”; although, in other Indian languages, it also means “star.” Tarasana is one of the yoga asanas that honors Tara, the Hindu and Buddhist goddess of compassion and protection. Hindus consider Tara a form of shakti, or the female primordial energy.

The most commonly performed tarasana is a seated hip-opener that begins in butterfly pose – seated with the soles of the feet together and the knees dropped off to the sides. The yogi then grasps the feet, separates them slightly and bends forward at the waist.

Tarasana is also known as star pose in English.


Yogapedia Explains Tarasana

Traditionally, tarasana is believed to open both the muladhara (root) and svadisthana (sacral) chakras. By clearing muladhara, tarasana is a grounding and stabilizing force, both physically and spiritually, creating a sense of security and calming the mind. An active svadisthana, meanwhile, boosts creative and sexual energy and dispels self-consciousness.

In a standing version of tarasana, the yoga spreads the legs apart and reaches the arms to either side at shoulder height so that the body resembles a five-point star. This version of the asana opens the chest and provides balance and expansiveness for all areas of life.

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Tara Asana

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