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What Does Svadisthana Mean?

Svadisthana is the second chakra of the body and the center of creativity, pleasure and enjoyment. It is also known in Western culture as the spleen or sacral chakra because of its location in the body — in the lower abdomen, about two inches beneath the navel.

The term comes from the Sanskrit sva, meaning “one’s own,” and adisthana, meaning “home” or “dwelling place.” The root, svad, also translates as “to taste with pleasure” or “enjoy.” This chakra is connected to emotions, desire and sexuality.

In yoga, asanas that involve movement in the hips and lower abdomen stimulate this chakra.


Yogapedia Explains Svadisthana

This energy center of svadisthana is responsible for personal creativity – what the individual offers to the world through the arts, work and procreation. It is also the human connection to inner Truth and knowing one’s Self.

The subconscious mind governs svadisthana, which is associated with emotions that impact relationships – sensuality, self-acceptance and intimacy. This chakra governs how the individual relates to others and what such relationships mean to them.

The color associated with svadisthana is orange, which is a combination of yellow (happiness) and red (energy). The symbol of this chakra is a lotus flower with six orange petals and a crescent moon.

Yoga asanas that stimulate svadisthana include bhujangasana (cobra pose), natarajasana (dancer’s pose), parivrtta trikonasana (revolved triangle pose) and utthita parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose).

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