Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Shreyas Mean?

Shreyas is a Sanskrit term meaning "that which brings light or happiness and is good." It can also be translated as meaning "auspicious," "fortune" or "conducive to well-being and prosperity." Shreyas comes from the root sound, shri, which means “to cause to lean in or rest on," "diffuse light" or "beauty.”

In yogic philosophy, the word, shreyas, is often used to refer to an approach to life in which immediate gratification and short-term pleasure is delayed or deferred in order to pursue greater goals. This is considered the best approach for long-term happiness.


Yogapedia Explains Shreyas

In understanding shreyas as an approach to life, greater presence and more conscious choices are needed in order to consider the future implications of decisions made together. In this way, shreyas brings about greater personal growth and development.

Shreyas is sometimes taught in contrast to an alternative approach of preyas, which means “immediately palatable.” It refers to that which gratifies the senses and is instantly pleasurable. The well-known yogic text, the Bhagavad Gita, refers to these concepts and advocates for choosing shreyas, or the ultimate good, over preyas, the short-term reward.

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