Citta Santana

Definition - What does Citta Santana mean?

Citta santana is a Sanskrit term meaning "mindstream" that is used in Buddhist philosophy. Citta may be translated as “that which is conscious,” “ordinary consciousness” or “the act of mental apprehension”; and santana may be translated as “a series of events” or “continuum.”

This is defined as the moment-by-moment continuum of mental thoughts, impressions and occurrences. It is the stream of successive moments of awareness, or movement of the mind. What it provides is a continual and enduring personality in the absence of an individual self, or atman - a concept that is not recognized by Buddhism.

Yogapedia explains Citta Santana

It is said that the citta santana continues from one life to another. In this way, the citta santana can be likened to a candle flame that is passed from one candle to another.

In Indian Buddhism, the continuity of citta santana from one lifetime to the next has karma as its basic causal mechanism, which allows transformations to be taken between lives. In this way, the mind can evolve through reincarnations. The citta santana increases gradually through karma before it goes again into its next life.

The broader term, citta, tends to refer to the heart-mind, or the more emotive mind, as opposed to the intellect. It also refers to the overall quality of the mental processes.

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