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What Does Manas Mean?

Manas is a Sanskrit term which means “the sensory or processing mind” or what may also be known as the “sixth sense.” According to yogic philosophy, the human mind has 16 dimensions, which are classified into four categories: buddhi, manas, ahamkara and citta. Citta, which is the basic mental consciousness, develops manas. Manas is also considered a part of citta and is responsible for emotions.


Yogapedia Explains Manas

Manas, the sense-mind, is achieved when one progresses spiritually to an extent in which it gets easier to remain tranquil for longer hours. It also has the ability to sense by proximity, foresight and extended physical consciousness.

Manas is classified into two types: karya citta and karana citta. In the Yoga Sutras, the status of the mind is classifed into the following five:

  1. Kshipta – A state of wakefulness when the focus is easily shifted from one object or subject to another.
  2. Vikshipta – A state when manas processes a wide range of information without the ability to focus on one object.
  3. Mudha – A state when the manas is dull and not seeking new knowledge.
  4. Ekagrata – A state when manas is focused on one object and remains focused without getting distracted.
  5. Niruddha – The state when the mind is completely in control and spiritual elevation is achieved.

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