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What Does Citra Mean?

Citra (or chitra) is a Sanskrit term that may be translated as “wonderful,” “variegated,” “beautiful” or “painted.” It is also the name given to the nadi located within the vajra nadi (flow/movement channel). It is a nadi of pure, rudimentary, essential essences and within it there is believed to be a very fine canal known as Brahma nadi, through which kundalini travels once it is awakened.

A focused yoga practice can help stimulate citra and allow the energy of kundalini to travel more freely through the chakras and the body.


Yogapedia Explains Citra

When kundalini is awakened through yoga practice and meditation, it travels from the muladhara (root) chakra through the body via channels called nadis. In yoga philosophy, citra is thought to be the most vital part of the body. It is supposedly brilliant and colorful, hence the Sanskrit name meaning “beautiful” or “painted.”

Citra ends at the cerebellum and it connects all seven chakras. It is thought to govern immortal life and is the giver of moksha, or ultimate liberation.

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