Last Updated: July 14, 2017

Definition - What does Jai mean?

Jai is a Hindi word derived from the Sanskrit word jaya, which typically is translated as “victory” but is used as “hail to” or to indicate praise or admiration. Alone, it is used in yoga practice or everyday conversation to mean “victory to all that is good.” Often, jai is a parting comment, similar to wishing someone godspeed in English.

Jai is also used in conjunction with other Sanskrit words and in mantras. For example, jai ma is a common expression meaning “victory to the divine feminine,” representing shakti, or divine feminine energy.

Yogapedia explains Jai

Jai is often used in bija (seed) mantras or with the name of a deity or guru to indicate praise. A popular mantra or prayer that incorporates jai is the Ram Nam: Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram or simply, Jai Sri Ram, Both translate as “victory to Lord Rama” or “all honor to Lord Rama.”

A mantra that is chanted to eliminate negativity and bring courage and strength is the Jai Te Gang. It is a lengthy mantra that, in part, praises the divine protector.

In popular culture, the Beatles song “Across the Universe” includes the mantra Jai Guru Deva Om, which roughly translates as “victory to the divine guru.” This mantra is recited to attain higher consciousness.

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