Definition - What does Ekam mean?
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Ekam is a Sanskrit word meaning “one” and refers to the entity from which the universe was formed. Synonymous with God, it is also the name used for the “the supreme oneness” in the holy book of the Ayyavazhi branch of Hinduism.

Within a spiritual practice of yoga, yogis may wish to connect with Ekam through meditation, pranayama, and asana.

Yogapedia explains Ekam

Although there are many gods in Hinduism, there is one widely recognized central God, Creator, Consciousness, or Supreme Self that is often interpreted under different philosophies and names.

Different schools of Hinduism give different definitions and levels of importance to Ekam. It is believed by some Hindu dominations to be the supreme and ultimate Self from which everything in existence has been formed, and is existent inside everything within the universe. Shaivists use ekam to refer to the unity of God, while the Ayyavazi denomination believes Ekam is a separate entity beyond gods and known powers.

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